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Michigan Sex Stings are BOGUS

Court officials tampered laws to maliciously prosecute FAKE CRIMES ,,FAKE CASES

Mike Cox, former AG and a bevy of co-conspirators stirred up the Public with fraud , perjury and lies .

Media Blitzes were common

Jury Instructions prove the tampering

ALL Prosecutions involving MCL750.145d1a list of 11 crime sections can ONLY BE VIOLATED IN PERSON . Computer prohibition statutes kick in AFTER and in-person offense.

Cox et al also charged 1999 Public Act 33 which only involves commercial gain ONLINE selling adult content materials

Laws were altered severely to twist a prosecution into existence.

Federal laws were violated in so doing.

State lines were crossed electronically

The required victim was removed from the laws

The required knowledge of an actual victim was also deleted from the true laws

Fraud on the Court by Court officials was the result and up to 1,000's of BOGUS ARRESTS and UNLAWFUL IMPRISONMENTS